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Ajani Charles has been shooting with Canon SLR cameras and lenses since the age of twelve when he began learning the art and technologies of photography through the Toronto School of Art.

He is honored to be an ambassador for his favorite photography and filmmaking brand, and his role involves teaching adults and youth about the technical aspects of photography and all of the essential skills, habits, mindsets, and paradigms that he wishes he had learned when he was in high school and university, including but not limited to the cultivation of mental health, mindfulness, and more, through photography, filmmaking, and other creative endeavors.

His role as a Canon Canada ambassador also involves promoting Canon products and services, he is one of a handful of Canon Canada Ambassadors that works with Canon U.S.A., and he is also a Canon FUTURES mentor. The Canon FUTURES program is designed to support young artists and entrepreneurs (including photographers, filmmakers, and others) who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents between 18 and 24 years old and passionate about creative storytelling and content creation.

Through the program, he has asked youth challenging questions that would have benefitted him and his career trajectory during his career’s early stages. He has also addressed the many mistakes he has made throughout his career, and how he lacked foresight and wisdom.

The youth and adults that he has been mentoring are talented, inquisitive, and have the skills and work ethic to manifest their goals.Challenging their first principles, assumptions, cognitive biases, and knee-jerk reactions have benefited everyone involved, including Ajani.He is grateful for the opportunity to discuss cultivating mental health, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, introspection, transcending limiting beliefs, the psychology of money, the importance of clearly-defined values and boundaries, creating a unique value proposition, sales, and far more through Canon Canada and Canon U.SA.

Through Canon FUTURES, Canon Canada and the Canon Creator Lab are preparing future creative leaders to navigate a rapidly evolving world. Ajani is thankful to play a small role in such an impactful project alongside other Canon Canada ambassadors and Canon explorers of light.