DaniLeigh Live At The Drake Underground

This past Wednesday night, I had the honour of attending and documenting DaniLeigh's first performance in Toronto, which took place at a venue that I have frequented on many occasions -- the Drake Underground.

The evening began with the opening act of MITCH, supported by fellow Los Angeles native DJ Goofy, who was relatively inebriated, but was able to hold down the turntables nonetheless.

MITCH's performance of the YG-supported record "Ima Dog" single was my first impression of him, and I was impressed by his vocals, his stage presence, and the obvious influence of the west coast on his music. Quite often, talented acts like DaniLeigh end up having musicians that are less than impressive opening for them, but MITCH was an exception to that trend, with smooth vocals that were reminiscent of  some of my favourite early to late 90s R&B artists, while still staying true to the soul and R&B climate of 2019. He also performed a record that featured DaniLeigh entitled "Show Her", which I enjoyed, and which reminded me of Avant in many ways.

Soon after MITCH's performance, the dungeon-like environment of the Drake Underground was packed with eager DaniLeigh fans, patiently waiting for her to make her entrance, as her DJ excitedly took the stage and announced that the show would be starting soon.

Following a series of record plays that spanned numerous genres, including but not limited to dancehall, hip-hop, r&b, and bachata, three Toronto-based dancers took the stage and began dancing a choreographed piece to DaniLeigh's hit record "Lil Bebe".

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