Sheck Wes Live At RIFF Sessions XL Toronto

About a month ago, during the evening of Tuesday, October 16th, I documented Sheck Wes’ Toronto performance via RIFF Sessions XL Toronto.

Sheck Wes was the event’s headlining act, and the many opening acts included Yung Tory, Uptown Boyband and Haviah Mighty.

Among other things, RIFF Sessions XL Toronto was a celebration of cannabis’ recent legalization in Canada, as the event took place mere hours before cannabis’ nationwide legalization.

The event was produced by RIFF -- a community and cannabis brand, in collaboration with The CO.LAB, which is an artistic collective bringing creative minds together from all across the country. CO.LAB’s ethos is "to transform music, art, food and fashion to mind-altering levels, while pushing the boundaries of creative expression."

Leading up to Sheck Wes’ performance, I was intrigued by the numerous, surrealistic installations displayed throughout the Distillery (Historic) District's fermenting cellar wherein the event took place -- installations that illuminated an otherwise dark and moody venue.

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