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Ajani Charles

Calm Stories: Meet Ajani

This past spring, I was given the opportunity to speak about the ways in which I have used the Calm app to improve my life and career (through the cultivation of mindfulness), on-camera, for the first time.

Initially, when the opportunity came my way, I felt a great deal of resistance and apprehension, primarily for two reasons. Firstly, I was fearful because I am far more accustomed to being behind the scenes, documenting subjects, and telling stories. So, being the focal point of a story was a deviation from the introversion that I often embody, despite the fact that I have performed in front of thousands of people in the past, via the arts program that I was once a part of as a kid, and despite the fact that I do many things associated with extroversion on a daily basis.

Secondly, my use of the Calm app, my meditation practices, and other introspective facets of my life have been quite personal to me, and I was unsure about discussing my mental health, and the existential crisis that I described in “232 Hours: How I Used The Calm App To Cultivate Mindfulness In My Career” on-camera, knowing that the final cut would be viewed by many people around the world.

However, after speaking to a handful of individuals from the Calm team, and reflecting on the incalculable number of benefits that I have experienced through my use of the Calm app (and my meditation and yoga practices in general), I knew that speaking publicly about my use of Calm was the right thing to do, and that doing so would benefit numerous people, globally.

In the video below, I describe my mind as always having “numerous tabs open”, and I also talk about the ways in which I have been able to detach from my busy, creative mind and seemingly complicated life with a doable meditation practice that works for me, anywhere, sometimes just ten seconds at a time, and sometimes a couple of hours at a time.

Once again, I want to thank Sean Stiller and Remy Huberdeau for capturing me authentically, and for their stellar video production work. Moreover, I am grateful for Christi-an Slomka for overseeing this project and featuring it through the Calm blog, and for Chris Advansun’s encouragement, which was particularly helpful given his pivotal role within Calm as an organization and impactful technological product. And if you are interested in purchasing the premium version of Calm, use this link for a 25% discount that the Calm team has kindly offered my audience.

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