St. Urbain Designs are a Toronto-based, full service web and graphic design company that I have been working with since the registration and launch of my photography company, about two years ago.

Their technical capacities and customer service are unparalleled, especially in comparison to other web and graphic design companies that I have worked with in the past (in Toronto and elsewhere). What’s more, as my business has evolved and as I’ve evolved as a photographer, St. Urbain Designs have evolved as a team of incredibly talented individuals (within the realm of web and graphic design).

Their abilities to clearly understand and visually manifest my ideas as a visual artist/photographer, as far as the presentation of my work online is concerned, has been astonishing and at this point and given the business relationship we’ve developed, I couldn’t imagine working with another web/graphic design team.

They have been instrumental to the online presence of a    j    a    n    i        photography: digital image solutions .

I strongly recommend that any (individual or) teams that are seeking the strongest internet presence possible for a sole proprietorship, a joint venture and/or a corporation, should contact St. Urbain Designs as soon as possible for a quote (and to potentially work with a great team of designers).

For more information on contacting St. Urbain Designs as well as to view their previous work, feel free to visit the following URL: .

Ajani Charles

a j a n i photography: digital image solutions

Screen Shot of the St. Urbain Designs Website
Screen Shot of the St. Urbain Designs Corporate Services Website