I’ve had “Feel” by SAFE on replay for the last two months and the record’s music video is no less mesmerizing than the song itself.

Indicative of Toronto’s cultural diversity, musical prominence and experimentation over the course of the last six years, SAFE is  undoubtedly one of my favourite musicians from my hometown.

Directed by Christo Anestio Kid. Studio, paints a gritty and cryptic picture of SAFE’s day-to-day life throughout Toronto’s downtown core featuring “daytime hangouts in the Esplanade neighbourhood, rendezvous at the Rabba, hazy after parties, unspecified meet ups and drop offs.”

Recently, SAFE has made his rounds throughout social media and online publications alike, due to his OVO affiliation and a recent photograph of him and Drake.

Stay tuned for his upcoming EP later this year and in the meantime, watch the video for “Feel” below, as well as a great record by Toronto’s Ramriddlz featuring SAFE.

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