Portraits of Claire Fountain

I first began working with Claire Fountain of Trill Yoga in February of 2016, and recently shot her this past August, in Manhattan.

She is an amazing person, a fantastic subject to photograph, and the first yogi that I have ever shot.

Since our first photo shoot, and through a number of conversations, I have learned a great deal about her, myself, yoga, psychology, philosophy, writing, entrepreneurship, and many other subjects that overlap in interesting ways.

Otherwise known as CB Quality, Claire is a writer, and personal trainer that fell in love with yoga in her Mississippi hometown, before ever stepping foot on a mat. As a way to overcome her life's obstacles, she began a journey of learning and studying anatomy in order to heal her mind, body, and spirit.

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a j a n i photography: Qatari Camel Trainers

Throughout the Arabian Gulf, camel racing is traditionally known as the sport of the sheiks.

In Qatar specifically, the pastime became a professional  sport in 1972, and camel racing fans enjoy the fiercely competitive games each month, at the Al Shahaniya Racetrack.

Located about an hour north of Doha, the racetrack is one of the most popular camel racing tracks in the middle east, and races typically take place on Fridays, from November to February.Read more

a j a n i photography: Portraits of Alicia Bell

As a former competitive athlete and as someone that currently stays quite active through a number of practices (including weight training, yoga, calisthenics, sprinting and others), I enjoy working with and photographing athletes for a number of reasons.

Firstly, working with athletes reminds me of the  parallels between being a creative professional and being an athlete.

Like creative professionals, athletes must work hard and intelligently, athletes must study and practice consistently to attain their definitions of greatness and they undergo profound psychological and physical transformations.

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Short Film: "Please Stay Positive: Jeremy Flores" By Sebastien Zanella

As an artist and entrepreneur that has experienced countless burnouts and devastating drops in morale over the course of the last eight years, the premise behind Sebastien Zenella's "Please Stay Positive: Jeremy Flores" short film truly resonated with me.

When I first began my career as a photographer, due to my overwhelming enthusiasm and lack of professional experience, I never anticipated that the business and entrepreneurial nuances of it combined with my (unhealthy) workaholism and perfectionism would cause me to begin to resent photography and my career at times.

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Short Film: "Skydiving In Slow Motion With Jokke Sommer" By GoPro

Jokke Sommer is a former professional motocross racer that quickly transitioned into skydiving and base jumping in 2007.

In 2008, Sommer traveled to the United States and completed 250 jumps in two months to gain the required experience needed to familiarize himself with base jumping and skydiving. Soon after,  it didn't take him long to acquire Redbull and GoPro sponsorships, in addition to many other accolades.

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Video: "Burj Khalifa Pinnacle Base Jump" By Skydive Dubai


Base jumping has been growing in popularity over the course of the last decade and base jumping videos are some of my favorite to watch.

Recently, French skydivers Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet pulled off an amazing jump from Dubai's Burj Khalifa and the awesome feat can be viewed below.

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Video: "Aerobatic Helicopter Tricks With Chuck Aaron" By Red Bull


Chuck Aaron defies physics as he takes to the skies in the Red Bull Aerobatic Helicopter.

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Video: "First Ever Wingsuit Flight Under Aiguille Du Midi Bridge -- The Perfect Flight Episode 2" By Epic TV


Espen Fadnes has always dreamt of flying under the bridge of the Aiguille Du Midi, which is about 3,842 meters above Chamonix. In the second episode of "The Perfect Flight", three brave base jumpers head to Chamonix, France where they attempt the world's first wingsuit fly-through under the bridge overlooking the breathtaking mountain landscape.

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