Short Film: "Gravity Glue 2014" By Michael Grab

Michael Grab is an amazing visual artist that has been creating balanced rock sculptures for years and I recently came across his work this morning (via Sploid by Gizmodo).

His secret to balancing rocks in ways that seem to defy physics is a combination of dexterous hands, slow breathing,  immense amounts of patience and thousands of hours of practice.

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Sculpture: "Ghostcube" By Erik Aberg


"Ghostcube" is an awesome, interactive and captivating sculpture created by Sweden's own Erik Aberg.

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Installation Series: "Biografías" By Alicia Martin


"Biografías" is an impressive sculpture series by Spanish artist, Alicia Martin.

Based in Madrid, Martin uses thousands of pounds of books to create amazing installations that transform literature into energetically huge waves, swirls and geysers.

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Sculptures By Sun Yuan And Peng Yu


Sun Yuan and Peng Yu are a talented duo of Chinese artists and they produce life-size, poignant hyper-realistic sculptures of human and animal forms.

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Sculptures By Anthony Howe


Anthony Howe is an American artist that creates amazing kinetic sculptures that move with the wind.

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Sculptures By Bryan Berg


Bryan Berg was introduced to his awesome style of card stacking by his grandfather at the age of 8. He is completely self-taught and his massive card structures are based on grid patterns.

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Sculptures By Eric Standley


Eric Standley is a Virginia-based visual artist and educator and his unique, 3D laser cut paper sculptures seem to bridge the gaps between art, mathematics, technology and ancient history.

His vector works have been inspired by the geometric patterns found within Gothic and Islamic architecture and they have been painstakingly assembled from laser-cut paper.

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Sculptures By Bob Potts


Kinetic sculptor, Bob Potts creates beautiful sculptures that mimic the motions of flight and the oars of boats.

Despite the detailed constituents of his work, they are surprisingly minimal and Potts seems to use only the most essential components to convey each sculpture's motion.

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Sculpture: "Shadow Dancing" By Diet Wiegman


"Shadow Dancing" is a cool, shadow-based sculpture that was created by Diet Wiegman, specifically as a tribute to Michael Jackson.

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Sculpture: "Fat Tony" By Ron English

Sculpture: "Fat Tony" By Ron English
Sculpture: "Fat Tony" By Ron English

"Fat Tony" is a great sculpture by Ron English, which clearly illustrates and pokes fun at some of the dietary-related problems that many of us in the developed world face today (including obesity, diabetes and many others).

(via Super Punch)

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Sculpture: "Fat Tony" By Ron English
Sculpture: "Fat Tony" By Ron English