Video: "Aerobatic Helicopter Tricks With Chuck Aaron" By Red Bull


Chuck Aaron defies physics as he takes to the skies in the Red Bull Aerobatic Helicopter.

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Advertisement: “1992 (Toronto)” By Che Kothari, Wan Luv And Vashtie


This Friday, February 21st,  Che Kothari, Manifesto Community Projects and Wan Luv are bringing none other than Vashtie Kola to Toronto!

The event will be an installation of the "1992? party, which was originally created to revitalize the New York nightlife, while bringing back a moment in time that breathed nothing but good vibes, great music and innovation.

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Video: "Sochi Digital Building Makes Giant 3D Selfies" By CNN


Asif Khan is an ingenuous designer and architect that recently created a giant selfie generator that is currently situated at the entrance to Sochi's Olympic Park.

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Installation: "The Ark" By Romain Tardy And Squeaky Lobster


"The Ark" is a site specific installation which was commissioned by and presented during Proyecta Oaxaca, Festival De Diseño Y Artes Digitales.

"The Ark" was built around the cacti that line the Aljibe, at the heart of the Ethnobotanical Garden of Oaxaca.

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Paintings By Joe Mangrum


Since 2006, visual artist Joe Mangrum has taken to the streets of New York, Chicago, San Francisco and elsewhere armed with sacks of colored sand that he sprinkles by the handful to create beautifully vivid temporary paintings.

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Video: "How Nas Has Changed Hip-Hop" By VIBE Magazine


Shooting Nas for the first time and meeting the Queensbridge MC for the first time will always be two of my favorite career highlights (and moments from my life).

Nas has been one of my favorite artists since I was eleven years old and when I say artist, I'm not speaking within the context of Hip-Hop, but within the context of art throughout human history (in general).

Pop culture and Hip-Hop culture would not exist in the ways in which they currently exist without Nas' intellectual contributions, without his unmatched lyricism, without his political activism and without the fact that he has been a benchmark for poets and MCs alike for the last two decades.

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Video: "Apple's First Demo of The Mac In 1984"


30 years ago, the landscape of personal computing was profoundly different (and practically non-existent). Footage of the Mac's initial unveiling has been available online for quite some time, but the most polished run of a Boston Computer Society hasn't been seen since January 30th, 1984.

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Event: "1992 (Toronto)" By Che Kothari, Wan Luv And Vashtie


On Friday, February 21st, my friend Che Kothari, Manifesto Community Projects and  music director Wan Luv are bringing the super-talented director, DJ and entrepreneur Vashtie Kola to Toronto for the first time ever.

Vashti has directed music videos for the likes of Big K.R.I.T., Joey Bada$$ and Kendrick Lamar and has also worked as creative director for brands such as Nike and Billionaire Boys Club and she is now bringing her infamous "1992" party to the entertainment and arts capital of Canada.

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Presentation: "The Power of Forgiveness" By The Dalai Lama For The University of Limerick


I recently watched an amazing University of Limerick lecture on the power of forgiveness by the 14th Dalai Lama and a man who lost his vision by being shot in the face (by a soldier).

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Advertisement: "Action Bronson Blue Chips 2 Tour Announcement" By G-Life


Action Bronson's G-Life-produced "Blue Chips 2" tour ad is hilarious and if you're not familiar with the New York-based rapper, it will show you why I think he is one of the funniest personality's in Hip-Hop today.

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