New Leaf Yoga Foundation's Still We Rise Gala 2017

New Leaf Yoga Foundation is an amazing and impactful non-profit organization that I have recently partnered with, in addition to the Centre For Addiction And Mental Health, as cultivating the mental health and wellbeing of Torontonians, Canadians, and humanity are causes that are incredibly important to me.

If you are unfamiliar with New Leaf Yoga Foundation, it is a Canadian-based non-profit organization that develops and implements life-skills programming for youth, through yoga and mindfulness. The organization inspires and supports youth to tap into their inner strength and resources, so that they may cultivate seeds for peace in their lives and communities, and they have supported numerous youth within the city's underdeveloped communities, within the Canadian justice system, and elsewhere.

As such, I have offered my services as a photographer and cinematographer to New Leaf, pro bono, and I will also be collaborating with them as an ambassador, by sharing my story with the youth that they support and mentor.

Through my own experiences, through the myriad of challenges that I have faced over the course of my life, and through my observations of the challenges experienced by many other individuals (and organizations) around the world, I intimately understand the hardships and opportunities that anxiety, depression, other forms of mental illness, and childhood traumas can present in one's life. And it has taken me thousands of hours (and a lot of concentration) to process and transcend my own experiences of anxiety and depression.

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a j a n i photography: Rich Homie Quan Live In Concert For The Substance Group

Prior to traveling to Atlanta, I didn't have a truly experiential point of reference for Atlanta's Hip-Hop culture or the the societal nuances that influenced it. My appreciation for Southern Hip-Hop only extended as far as BET, MTV, Much Music and a childhood of mixtapes, mix CDs and digital downloads.

However, once I visited Atlanta for the first time, I began to understand Atlanta's Hip-Hop music at a deeper level.

Prior to that first trip, I read an interview featuring Julia Beverly (of Ozone Magazine) in which she described Southern Hip-Hop music as being music that doesn't place a great deal of emphasis on lyrical complexity and is produced primarily for nightclubs or as part of one's soundtrack for a long drive.

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Album: "Jessica" By Pluto


If you're unfamiliar with his music, Pluto is an amazing, young R&B phenom from Toronto who has been supported by Collection Day Entertainment Group and Standout Entertainment.

Musically-speaking, Toronto has been on fire for a long time and especially over the course of the last five years.

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Performance: "Smells Like Teen Spirit" By Nirvana Featuring Joan Jett


Earlier today, Joan Jett performed "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and other classic records with Nirvana at an epic performance in Brooklyn.

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Video: "Up Close And Personal" By Vanity Fair


Chuck Close is one of the most successful photographers and painters of the 20th and 21st centuries. Recently, the prolific artist brought 20 Hollywood luminaries into his studio for a photo shoot with unusual and strict rules.

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Advertisement: “1992 (Toronto)” By Che Kothari, Wan Luv And Vashtie


This Friday, February 21st,  Che Kothari, Manifesto Community Projects and Wan Luv are bringing none other than Vashtie Kola to Toronto!

The event will be an installation of the "1992? party, which was originally created to revitalize the New York nightlife, while bringing back a moment in time that breathed nothing but good vibes, great music and innovation.

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Video: "Sochi Digital Building Makes Giant 3D Selfies" By CNN


Asif Khan is an ingenuous designer and architect that recently created a giant selfie generator that is currently situated at the entrance to Sochi's Olympic Park.

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Video: "Shanghai Tower (650 Meters)" By ONTHEROOFS


Vadim Makhorov and Vitaliy Raskalov are the two crazy (and incredibly brave) Russians that recently scaled the second tallest building in the world --  China's Shanghai Tower skyscraper.

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Video: "Russian Army Choir Singing Skyfall"


This video of a Russian army choir singing Adele's "Skyfall" is incredible and I have it on replay.

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