My recent portrait session with Toronto’s own Sima Sepehri was quite easy going, because she’s comfortable in front of a camera, because the locations that we chose were quite dynamic and because she’s familiar with me. Between all of those factors and the great lighting that we experienced, I couldn’t take a bad shot of her.

Sima is an actress with a love of comedy and she describes her life as a creative in the following way:

“As an artist and story teller, there are a couple of things that are vital — keeping it real and keeping it simple. I think that society’s standards of what is ordinary versus extraordinary  clashes with my own standards.

I’m inspired by everyday people and their struggle, especially women from diverse cultures. I think that we need to see more diverse women within mainstream media channels. I think that their stories matter and can inspire the next generation of women to empower themselves. The main goal is to never stop growing”

More of my images of Sima can be viewed below.

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