When the art and science of photography was first invented during the early 1820s, the earliest photographers diverged in two directions — one group set out to document the world around them in a straightforward manner and the other group aimed to create beautiful surrealistic images that challenged the notion of human perception.

Through their experimentation, the latter group of early photographers discovered double exposure photography by accident and the unique style has persisted ever since.

“Cosmic Allure” is one of my interpretations of double exposure photography, incorporating my love of fireworks, astronomy and the influence of beauty photography by the likes of Helmut Newton, Richard Avedon, Annie Leibovitz and Markus Klinko And Indrani.

While creating this series of images, I was also inspired by the amazing artists that I collaborated with to manifest it and I’m incredibly grateful for Stefanie Doukas (hair and makeup), Maggie McCallum (model) and Warren Keefe (post-production) and  their time, energy and talents.

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