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Event: "LOFT IIII"

A Photograph of Loft 161
A Photograph of Loft 161

The fourth installment of the famous, private loft party known as "LOFT" is going down next Saturday, March 10th and it's going to be incredible!

The event will  taking place at Loft 161, which is specifically at 161 Spadina Avenue.

"LOFT IIII" will be hosted by myself on behalf of my photography company (a    j    a    n    i        photography: digital image solutions), alongside Aeroplane Vintage Eyewear and others.

There will also be an amazing art installation by Jimmy Chiale at the venue.

"LOFT IIII" is a private, 19+ event and sexy, classy attire is a must!

The event is now at capacity, but feel free to attempt to RSVP via

The Facebook event for "LOFT IIII" is available here:

a j a n i photography: digital image solutions

Interview: Kim Dotcom By 3News New Zealand


Kim Dotcom is involved in one of the most highly-publicized and criticized cases involving internet piracy since Napster was brought to its knees.

In his recent interview with New Zealand's 3News, the Megaupload founder candidly discussed the charges against him and the phenomena of internet piracy and the concept of ownership.

I thought that Dotcom articulated and defended his position well and it will definitely be interesting to see how his case plays out.

a j a n i photography: digital image solutions