Publication, The Fall 2009 Issue of Cream World Magazine

The latest, Fall 2009 Issue of Cream World Magazine will be available across Ontario, Canada this Wednesday, September 2, 2009 at all Chapters-Indigo stores.

Cream World Magazine is a quarterly, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal-based entertainment and lifestyle publication that takes its readers into the worlds of fashion, music, technology and entertainment (in general).

The editors and the rest of the staff of Cream World Magazine are not only incredibly hard working, but they are also committed to creating a publication that is entertaining, unique and as if not more aesthetically pleasing than the majority of North American-based publications that target similar demographics and discuss similar topics.

Visually clean and intellectually stimulating to trendsetters in Canada, the U.S and abroad, Cream World Magazine is a must read.

Also, my photo-journalistic documentation of various well-known Hip-Hop and R&B recording artists will be available for viewing in the Fall 2009 Issue of Cream World Magazine and in upcoming issues of the publication, as well.

You can learn more about and subscribe to Cream World Magazine via the following URL: .

Ajani Charles

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Cream World Magazine Banner
Cream World Magazine Banner