a j a n i photography: Rich Homie Quan Live In Concert For The Substance Group


Prior to traveling to Atlanta, I didn’t have a truly experiential point of reference for Atlanta’s Hip-Hop culture or the the societal nuances that influenced it. My appreciation for Southern Hip-Hop only extended as far as BET, MTV, Much Music and a childhood of mixtapes, mix CDs and digital downloads.

However, once I visited Atlanta for the first time, I began to understand Atlanta’s Hip-Hop music at a deeper level.

Prior to that first trip, I read an interview featuring Julia Beverly (of Ozone Magazine) in which she described Southern Hip-Hop music as being music that doesn’t place a great deal of emphasis on lyrical complexity and is produced primarily for nightclubs or as part of one’s soundtrack for a long drive.

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Documentary: “Florida Man” By Sean Dunne


In many ways, Florida is the underbelly of the United States, with many of the nation’s most absurd and sometimes horrific crimes taking place within the state’s borders.

Sean Dunne’s endlessly quotable and surprisingly poignant “Florida Man” documentary features worn out and inebriated layabouts in the Sunshine State, interviewing a number of beer can philosophers over the course of fifty minutes.

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a j a n i photography: Suzhou, China


Suzhou is a major city in the southeast of Jiangsu Province in Eastern China, it’s adjacent to Shanghai Municipality and it takes about an hour and a half to drive to from Shanghai (without traffic).

When I first traveled to Suzhou (about two years ago), I didn’t know what to expect and I was quite exhausted from a late night and early morning out in Shanghai, checking out some of the city’s many nightclubs.

At the time, my friend Xue Qi was involved in facilitating some tours throughout China on behalf of French nationals, she told me that Suzhou was one of the most beautiful places in China and as such, she basically put me onto a bus so that I could experience it firsthand.

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Short Film: “Retrowave” By Florian Renner


Germany’s Florian Renner directed an animated a cool 80s-inspired short animation entitled “Retrowave”.

The project basically combines the worlds of “Back To The Future” and “Tron” by turning a DeLorean into a Light Cycle on The Grid (as per the fictional world of “Tron”).

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Short Film: “Jungle” By Karim Huu Do


“Jungle” was recently shared through the October’s Very Own blog and features Drake traveling throughout the GTA while providing his intimate insights on the entertainment world, his lifestyle, superstardom and Toronto (among other things).

The short film, directed by Karim Huu Do features a number of Drake’s collaborators, friends and colleagues, including 40, P. Reign and Future and is interlaced with poignant visuals that feature a cold and dream-like overtone.

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a j a n i photography: Riff Raff Live In Concert For HipHopCanada


Last weekend, Riff Raff aka Jody HighRoller graced the stage at Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall in all of his Monster Energy drink-sponsored glory.

I was excited to see his performance (on behalf of HipHopCanada), because I’m a big Riff Raff fan, I think that he’s hilarious, I was thoroughly entertained by my interview with him a couple of years ago, but never had the opportunity to see him onstage.

When I first walked into the venue, I realized that Jody’s fan base was the second most eclectic, diverse and seemingly random collective of individuals that I had ever seen at a concert, after Die Antwoord’s fan base.

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a j a n i photography: A Tribute To David LaChapelle’s “Jesus Is My Homeboy” Series


David LaChapelle will forever be one of my favorite visual artists and his unique vision, creativity and versatility have hugely influenced my work and how I interpret visual arts, especially within the realm of photography.

When LaChapelle saw someone wearing a “Jesus Is My Homeboy” t-shirt in 2003, the simplicity of the message immediately grabbed his attention and caused him to ask a number of questions.

He began to wonder about Jesus’ homeboys, otherwise known as the 12 apostles and how they would be manifested within 21st century American culture.

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Short Film: “Monolith: A Tribute To Stanley Kubrick” By Shaun Pitz


Stanley Kubrick is regarded by myself and many others as one of the greatest and most influential visionaries of all time.

Like myself, Kubrick began his career as a photographer (in New York City) and I have an immense amount of respect for his contributions to the art and film worlds.

Kubrick taught himself all aspects of directing films and production after graduating from high school, his earliest projects were created with shoestring budgets and he eventually experienced his first Hollywood breakthrough via the blockbuster, “Spartacus”.

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a j a n i photography: The Atomium


I first photographed the Atomium in Brussels, Belgium at the age of 15 using film and my first SLR camera — the Canon EOS Elan II. With that said, I have been meaning to post my pictures of the structure online since the early 2000s.

I have traveled all over Belgium (and Western Europe), I miss Belgian culture  quite a bit and I hope to visit Brussels and the rest of the country again soon.

To this day, the Atomium is still one of the most unique structures that I have photographed and it was first constructed for the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair.

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Music Video: “Forever” By Majid Jordan


OVO Sound’s Majid Jordan have released their Torontocentric visuals for “Forever” from their amazing “A Place Like This” EP.

The duo do not appear in the video, which instead focuses on an awesome dancer doing his thing throughout Toronto’s downtown core, including parts of Chinatown, Brookfield Place and other landmarks.

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